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Everyone agrees it's important, but most neglect it: Qualification & Discovery!

At least that's our humble observation after more than 20 years in the industry.
So we asked ourselves: what can we do to help?

The answer is: The Disco Deck - Sales Qualification & Discovery Cards.

A deck of cards with the 60 most important questions around Qualification & Discovery.
Includes a digital whitepaper with valuable good practices.

For SDR's, Sales & PreSales. With multiple application possibilities.
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Marc Paczian

"For me, discovery is the most important customer meeting and defines all follow-ups. At TWAICE we use the Disco Deck for the whole Sales organization as a structured approach to prepare for them and also as an inspiration for the questions nobody thought about. The Disco Deck has definitely become a standard tool for our customer interactions."

Senior Solution Engineer at Salesforce

The Disco Deck has significantly improved my discovery quality! Especially with new account teams, I like to use it to prepare Disco Calls together with my AE. I definitely can't imagine my presales day without it."

Account Executive at Seismic

„Tim and Jan really understand what makes a good Discovery! The Disco Deck brings that knowledge together and helps me take my own Discovery to the next level in a fun way. I use it every day in my sales meetings“

Team or IC?

Individual Contributor (IC)

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Wer hat's erfunden?

Tim Brömme & Jan-Erik Jank

Together we have been doing the Presales Unleashed Podcast (previously known as Sales Excellence Podcast )for over 5 years, published "The Six Ways to be an Effective Sales Engineer" by Chris White for the German market, and have been in sales and pre-sales for over 20 years.

In 2022 we have dedicated ourselves to the Disco Deck project and are delighted to present it to you now.
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